All "Wheel Writes" magazines are now available on disk in PDF format.

Soon after all Guild members have received the last ever magazine, all the ‘“Wheel Writes” (from number 1 to number 70) will be put on disk. That’s a total of I400 pages with many of the pages of later editions now having colour in place of the original greyscale pictures which appear in the printed editions of the magazines. (Please note:- Printed editions are not available.)
The disk will be available to anyone, at a cost of: - £10.00 each for UK purchasers, and £12.00 each for overseas purchasers. (These prices include postage and packing.)
Each 20 page “Wheel Writes” magazine is made up of five A4 sheets in landscape orientation; two pages printed on each side of every A4 sheet. Therefore when you click on any PDF icon it will open up and show; for example: - page 20 on the left and page 1 on the right, so each consecutive page is read in a zigzag fashion: — 2 on the left, 19 on the right, 18 on the left and 3 on the right, and so on. This is a big advantage to those who may wish to have hard copies of back numbers of the magazines by printing and then stapling the five A4 sheets together.
If you don't have a computer or printer you can do what a few other members have done. . .
Just take your disk to a quality printing business and ask if they have the means to be able to print the 70 editions of “Wheel Writes” for you, take with you a recent edition of “Wheel Writes” to show what you require — I think the cost will be about £40; that works out at a cost of £0.57 for each magazine — which I believe is good value! If you do decide to print up booklets of these issues of “Wheel Writes” it is best to use a 90gsm or100gsm paper rather than the standard 80gsm paper so that the print on the other side of the page doesn't show through.

Front cover of Guild magazine.


Method of payment: - PayPal, Cheque or Postal Order.
Contact the Guild librarian John Castle.
Phone: 01400 281 463


Payments in advance.

Please note: Cheque or Postal Order made payable to J. Castle.

(Not to the Guild)

Coloured centre page spread of Guild  magazine.