Front cover of Guild magazine.

The 20 page Guild magazine is appropriately called - "WHEEL WRITES", and is published about three times a year and contains reports from our shows, guild news and specialist technical articles which include hints and tips on many aspects of constructing a detailed model, be it a farm wagon or cart, a carriage, a bakers van or a cowboys "Chuck" wagon, etc,. There are tips on soldering, making miniature chain and scale nuts and bolts. Members have various ways of making wheels, and there are even methods of making very acceptable wheels without the use of a woodturning lathe!
The magazine is only available to members and its content depends upon the members who write for it. However; the Editor would be pleased to include letters and articles from non-members,
The front cover was drawn by Brian Kerley, one of our members

Coloured centre page spread of Guild  magazine.

The editor of the Guild "WHEEL WRITES" magazine would very much welcome written articles from members, which can be from half a page to several pages long. You can also include pictures and/ or drawings with your submitted articles. Send them by post or email to the relevant addresses which you will find in the current "WHEEL WRITES" magazine.
The editor would much prefer articles which relates to what the Guilds interest is. This would naturally include all horse drawn vehicles, their history, development and construction, along with the tools used. Model building and workshop tools and machinery; shows, museums and collections are a great source from which to inspire an article which can be included in the magazine. Contact the editor of the "WHEEL WRITES" magazine here -

All "Wheel Writes" magazines are now available on disk in PDF.

Every issue of “Wheel Writes” magazine from the first publication, (Number 1. June 1995), up to the February issue of this current year is now available to all fully paid-up Guild Members.
All issues are viewable in PDF. This is short for ‘Portable Document Format’, and is probably the best way to transfer and view any document on the Web or through e-mail.
The disk will only be available to fully paid-up GOMW members at a cost of £5.00 each for UK members, and £8.00 for all overseas members. These prices include postage and packing.

Please post cheques to the address shown below, and make cheques payable to John Castle. whoes address, phone and email is shown below.

John Castle (GOMW Librarian)
13 Willow Way
Allington Gardens
Allington, Nr Grantham
NG32 2FR

Phone: 01400 281 463



Click on the link below to see a wealth of information on all things to do with the making of Scale Model Horse Drawn Vehicles.

A web site devoted to bringing a greater awareness as to the existence of these fascinating vehicles of the past, and the construction of detailed scale models..