Here on this page you can see videos taken at various Guild events and also videos of Guild members models. You will need Windows Media Player, (WMP) to be able to view these videos. If you donít have WMP it can be downloaded FREE from the Microsoft website, and then installed onto your computer. .
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Acton Scott Farm Museum Situated in the beautiful scenic area of the Shropshire Hills is the Acton Scott Historic Working Farm. This is one of Britain's leading working farm museums. On the 10th -11th July 2010 the Guild put on a display of members models, as it does each year. One of the many demonstrations the staff puts on is the tyring/straking of a waggon wheel. This video shows how it is done.

Duration: 6 minutes 26 seconds. 45.1MB.

The Midland Model Engineering Exhibition, (MMEE) This is a five day event, held each year in October at Fosse Way, Leamington Spa in Warwickshire. which attracts over 11,000 visitors each year. The GOMW always put on an interesting display of models, and this year, (2010), the Guild won 1st place for the Best Society/Club Display at the exhibition.

Duration: 6 minutes 46 seconds. 47.5MB.

Acton Scott Farm Museum (Threshing Day - 24th October 2010) This is an annual event which the GOMW has attended for many years. The farm is set in a beautiful area of the Shropshire countryside, and is well worth visiting for the many activities for the whole family to enjoy. The Fowler Traction Engine was made in 1901 and this is steamed-up to drive all the working mechanism of the Marshalls Threshing Box and the Stationary Baler. Scenes like this were still seen working through into the 1960s.

Duration: 3minutes 41 seconds. 18.9MB.

Peter Burton's 1/8th scale Garrett Threshing Machine (Threshing Day - 25th October 2009 at Acton Scott Historic Working Farm) Guild member Peter Burton started this model in 1976, and the whole thing took 12 years to complete. It won the "Best Steam Powered Model" at the Usk Farmers Show, where he recieved the John Haling Trophy. The Marshalls Portable Steam Engine, the 220 gallon water cart, the Ransomes Stationary Baler and the Garrett Threshing Box, (shown in the picture on the left) are all made in 1/8th scale.

Duration: 1 minute 40 seconds. 15.9MB.

This is my first attempt at producing, editing and installing any video on a website; and as such they are not very good! They are all hand held, (I should have used a tripod which would have prevented the wobbling and shaking that you can see in most of them) I will have to invest in a tripod to try and get better results.
There are also other faults, some scenes are a little to long and repetitive, and I do hope to correct some of these faults in the coming weeks.