This is a unique organization based in the United Kingdom which also has members from many other countries. We are a group of enthusiasts who are devoted to the promotion and construction of precision scale models of all types of horse drawn vehicles: this includes agricultural machinery, carts and wagons, light and heavy commercial vehicles, passenger and road vehicles, gypsy caravans, and many other little known but fascinating vehicles that are of great historical interest.
The picture shown to the right is a 1/8th scale model of a Lincolnshire Hermaphrodite Farm Wagon, made by Guild member Patrick Hall, from Warwickshire, from a David Wray plan. This type of vehicle was common throughout the East Midlands, and for most of the year the rear part only was used as a tip cart. At harvest time an ingenious conversion provided the wagon with a large carrying platform needed in the corn growing districts. The model here shows the forecarriage and loading platform fitted.
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Guild member Frank Rake lives in Venice, Florida, USA, and shown right is his superb 1/8th scale model of a Dunton Ledge Caravan. On retirement, several years ago, Frank was looking for a challenging hobby to do during the long winter nights and came across John Thompson’s plans in the Hobby’s catalogue. This was Frank’s first model, and what a wonderful job he has done! It can take around 1000 hours to complete a model to this high standard. Many members would of course start with something less challenging – perhaps like the next example.
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John Prior, who lives in Wiltshire, is also a Guild member and he has displayed a number of fine models on the Societies Stands. Here to the right is shown a 1/8th scale Courage Show Dray from John Thompson plans. The actual vehicle was built in the Old Kent Road and can now be seen at the Courage Shire Horse Centre, near Maidenhead. It can be fitted with shafts for a single horse, (as shown) or a central pole for a pair. The fittings are displayed, including one of the barrels. The construction of this model is within the capabilities of the average person, but enthusiasts who wish to make a super-detailed model should note that the scale plans have not been simplified and show every feature of the actual vehicle.

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Reference library of books and plans.

Open only to members; the Guild has built up a reference library of books and plans which amount to a national collection, but our problem is to disseminate its knowledge, since we are a diffuse group that holds no regular meetings. Members have access to the books and plans via the Librarian at exhibitions.
Though not a member of our Guild, we will respond to your enquiries about commercially available plans. Most of our members are willing to share their own research and plans which they, themselves have produced.
The small thumbnail drawing shown on the right is sheet 1 of 6 and is typical of the highly detailed drawings that are available - the majority of them are printed on A2 size paper.


Shows and exhibitions of Guild member’s models.

Usually starting in March through to the end of November the Guild exhibits throughout the UK; attending around 20 various venues at county fairs, agricultural and woodworking shows, museums and stately homes. This is a wonderful opportunity for anyone who has an interest in model making at a very high standard and also the history and diversity of these fascinating vehicles. We love chatting and sharing our knowledge with visitors at these events, and should you wish to do so, we would love to meet you! A list of all Guild events this year appears on the "Guild News" page, so do try and get to some of them – you will be most welcome!


How to become a Guild member APPLICATION FORM (which can be printed and filled in for posting)
Perhaps one of the questions that is sometimes asked is, “Why would I want to become a Guild member?” There is no one answer to this question; indeed there are as many reasons as there are Guild members! There are many hobbies and pastimes that are creative and rewarding, that can be very satisfying and give a sense of achievement and personal fulfilment.
Whilst some hobbies may strike many people as trivial or boring, hobbyists have found something compelling and entertaining about them. Gardening and cooking are regarded as hobbies by many people, and testament to this is the huge amount of television programs and publications devoted to these. Others find gardening and cooking a necessary chore.
Scale models or replicas of full size things go all the way back to prehistoric times, as small clay "dolls" and other children's toys have been found near known population areas and scale replicas of enemy fortifications, coastal defence lines, and other geographic fixtures to plan battles were employed by the ancient Greeks, Romans.
Many new members who take up the hobby of making scale model horse drawn vehicles start off with just the basic DIY tools in their garage or shed and use a small table in the kitchen area to work – having to clear up the sawdust each evening to keep their spouse happy!
Ideally, if you have space in your garage, shed or spare bedroom you will find your model making more productive, and as time goes on, you will, hopefully, acquire more tools and eventually various machinery.

1. Print off the Application Form from the Guild website: GOMW Members Application Form

2. Fill in all the boxes – name, address etc, then scan it and copy it onto your PC.

3. Next; paste it as an attachment in an email to: - gmwtreasurer@talktalk.net

4. All this can be done in a few minutes and there is no hassle of envelopes and postage stamps; and Jan, our Treasurer, will receive your completed Application Form and payment immediately.

Additional Options

The model shown right is a 1/8th scale East-Anglian Wagon, and was made in 1978 with the minimum of tools. The wheel fellies were turned on a “Picador Pup”, which was powered by an old washing machine motor mounted under the work-bench; the cost of this was very little. Those who have a desire and passion to create a model like this will always find a way to do it!
The making of these models that you see on this website is amongst one of the highest forms of model making there is; often referred to as “scratch-building”. Every part of these models is made from raw materials, as apposed to building from a commercial kit – indeed, there are no kits available that can come anywhere near the authenticity and detail of a scratch-built model!

If you are considering becoming a member of the Guild of Model Wheelwrights at this point, there is an APPLICATION FORM just above this section - but if you would first like a little more information on the benefits of becoming a member and where you can see details of some of the many plans and books that are available, and other interesting links; then


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The wheels to a 1/8th scale Table Top Wool Waggon. The wheeles to a 1/8th scale Hermaphrodite.

Links to other interesting websites
Listed below are other websites that model makers will find interesting. This includes a Scale Model Horse Drawn Vehicle website and its associated Forum; where members can join and ask questions and post their own model pictures.

The Western Canadian Wheelwrights Association is another great site well worth visiting.

Tools and machinery, timber and metal suppliers are also included. There are various crafts and skills which Guild members have to become conversant with in constructing certain models – upholstery, miniature furniture making and making scale model figures are just some of these skills.

This list will be added to from time to time, when other interesting sites become known, so do please look here often and enjoy these links.
PLEASE NOTE: None of the websites of the links listed below are part of "The Guild of Model Wheelwrights" website.